Playa Jaco and Surrounding Beaches

Playa Jaco and Surrounding Beaches: Hermosa, Herradura, Esterillos, Punta Leona, Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s Playa Jaco beach is known for its surfing waves and great for body surfing. However, if you rather a relaxing swim, the far southern end of the beach is the calmest and safest, when you stay in our Local Hotel in Jaco, You book any activity including visit to this local beaches.

Playa Hermosa, 10km (6 1/4 miles) southeast of Jaco beach, is also well known for its great surfing waves.

Playa Herradura, about 6.5km (4 miles) northwest of Jaco beach, is a hard-packed brown sandy beach. It’s situated next to the Marriott Los Sueños Ocean & Golf Resort. However, the Marriott occupies only one end of Jaco beach here; despite its presence, Playa Herradura still feels a lot more isolated and deserted than Jaco beach. All of these beaches are easily reached by rental car, moped, or bicycle.

Playa Esterillos, 22km (14 miles) southeast of Jaco beach, is long and wide and almost always nearly deserted. All are easy to find; just follow the signs.

Punta Leona, a resort, has some of the nicer beaches in the Jaco area. Although they effectively have restricted access to their beaches for years, this is technically illegal in Costa Rica, and you have the right to enjoy both playas Manta and Blanca, two very nice white-sand beaches inside the Punta Leona complex. The public access road to these beaches is located south of the main Punta Leona entrance and is not very well marked.