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Many people come to Costa Rica to turn everything off and relax. Others seek to do many activities, city, and of course taken in the country’s famous beaches and lush jungle. If it sounds like you, then Jaco could be the ideal solution. In this post we will cover a few things you need to know about this popular destination in the Pacific, including seom picks for the best activities in Beach.

About Jaco
Located just about an hour from the Juan Santamaria International Airport in Costa Rica (SJO) Jaco is the closest near the main beach in the capital city of San José destination. With green hills of the forest and farm pastures in the distance, Jaco is located in a wide bay with rocky headlands at either end. The beach is a long, gray bow that has a backdrop of palm trees, Surfside hotels, souvenir shops and boutiques, wide range of real estate agents for those seeking to invest, a variety of restaurants and bars, and the condo-medium-high occasional complex.

Why Chosen Jaco Beach
Jaco is considered one of the most developed cities in the beach of Costa Rica and the main street along the sand, it is very busy day and night. The city has developed a reputation in recent years for its party atmosphere (especially in the bar) and night activities for adults only, but in recent years has put much effort into making it a place nice to visit for everyone, including families.

There are some parks, gyms, and many restaurants with nice menus for children around the city. Many families visiting Jaco are actually people who live near San Jose and go to the beach on weekends, vacations and holidays, injecting a nice mix of local culture in the city of another tourist path.

Jaco activities and things to do
One of the main attractions of Jaco is the long list of activities available. Everything from mountain biking and zip line tours for catamaran cruises, diving expeditions and fishing can be booked from one of the tour operators in the city. Among the many things to do, here are some of our choices.

The King of Surf Destination
Costa Rica is known for its great surfing, and Jaco Beach is definitely one of the hot spots of the country. surf shops are scattered throughout the city so it is easy and affordable to rent a table or take a lesson. In Playa Jaco, small waves are perfect for learning or rust is removed if it has not been for some time. For more advanced, it is just south of Playa Hermosa. This surf beach class, the world is known to have the most consistent waves in the country. It is not uncommon for professionals practicing surfing and competition in one of the many tournaments in Hermosa.

Carara National Park
You could not wait so near a village very developed as Jacó, just to the north and extends in the mountains is a vast expanse of virgin forest. Carara National Park has a small network of trails that lead through primary and secondary forest. They even have a newly renovated hotel is handicap accessible loop. During one of the tracks, you can see wild animals like monkeys, leaf-cutter ants, and many birds. In fact, Carara is considered one of the best bird watching spots in Costa Rica with more than 400 different species identified.

Tarcoles Crocodile River Tour Boat
On his way to Jaco, you will pass a bridge with crowds of people bowing and looking down. The sun along the banks of the River Tárcoles Here enormous crocodiles. While the bridge is decent place to see crocodiles, better yet make a boat trip on the river. Really enjoyed this tour because not only do you get close to crocodiles, but there are stunning views and you get to see lots of birds and other animals. Learn more about our trip to Crocodile River Tour José here.

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