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Jacó’s Poseidon Restaurant: Food of the Gods

Strange though it may seem, the Greek ocean god Poseidon’s gift to man was a horse!

In the Central Pacific beach resort of Jacó, the Poseidon Restaurant’s gift to vacationers is truly inspired, delicious cuisine. Just off the town’s main street, the newly opened restaurant at the Poseidon Hotel is decorated with a wooden fascade. It is small, unpretentious and seats 25 people in the dining area, including three tables on the front porch.

Don’t be misled by the limited selection of menu offerings posted outside. Having so often been deceived and disappointed in restaurants with long showy lists of dishes, I was impressed. Any doubts my companions had vanished when two happy diners declared in unison: “The food is fabulous! We come here every night.”

What better recommendation could a restaurant have?

All main courses, including vegetables, are cooked on the grill on the small front porch. We sat at a table with a front row view of the chef. Watching them execute culinary delights is an entertaining show in itself.

The menu changes every third night, but the house specialty – fresh yellow-fin tuna is a regular item.

Sorry, no tuna tonight,” the chef announced the night we were there. “They didn’t catch any today and I only use it when it’s ocean fresh.”

We passed on the salad and corn shrimp soup we spied at the next table. Brimming over with fresh kernels and shrimp, it looked a meal in itself for just over $4.

We watched our orders being cooked. The foil-baked mahi-mahi with prawns, spinach and lemon was “superlative,” my friend commented. The filet mignon with chipolte, a hot spicy Hollandaise sauce, was succulent and cooked to perfection, as was the chicken breast with black bean Chinese sauce.

The huge serving of Thai-style jumbo prawns was a delectable treat. For smaller appetites, a half-portion is available.

All entrees are served with homemade mashed potatoes or rice, plus crisp, freshly sauted mixed vegetables. Main courses run $7-$10 and jumbo prawns $20 for a full portion, ample for two persons, unless you are a total glutton.

The dessert, an Ice Cream Pie is an Oreo-based crust filled with ice cream and studded with huge chunks of Snickers or Reese’s chocolate bars. The restaurant is in the process of obtaining a hard liquor license.

That evening owner Chrissy Cousins had to turn away disappointed customers. “I hate doing that,” she said.

Her charming smile and youthful exuberance is captivating.

“My partner Tim Odom and I had a rocky start to our Poseidon adventure,” she recalled.

After visiting Odom’s father, a 10-year resident of Costa Rica, the tow (in their mid-30′s), quit secure jobs in Colorado to start a new life here.

With negotiations to take over the Hotel Poseidon nearly complete, they almost backed-out after the September 11th terrorist attacks.

“It was really scary with all the predictions of tough economic times, but we decided to continue regardless,” Cousins continued.

The couple plans to be married by Odom’s 96-year-old grandfather at their hotel this month. No doubt, the wedding feast will be sumptuous.

Open nightly 6-10pm

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