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Hotel Poseidon In The News

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Hotel, Bar and Restaurant Poseidon continues to maintain its status as one of the premier fine dining choices in Jacó.

Chef Patricia Ferguson from Colorado has brought a whole new twist to the asian infusion style that has kept Poseidon a favorite. Specialties like Pan Seared Garlic Scallops, Seafood Soup with Creamy Coconut Milk Broth and Mahi Mahi with Tropical Citrus Vinaigrette are some of the dishes that Patricia has introduced since moving to Costa Rica in October. The full bar/restaurant is closed on Tuesday by may soon be open 7 days a week. Business is so good in fact, owners Tim and Chrissy have decided to open for breakfast and lunch as well. Breakfast bagel sandwiches are a bit hit as are fish tacos and philly cheesesteak sandwiches for lunch.Poseidon is located on Calle Bohio in downtown Jacó just 1/2 block from the beach and 50 meters from the main street.For more information or reservations, call Hotel & Restaurant Poseidon at 643-1642.

Posted: January, 2003

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Tim and Chrissy Odom can not be described as conventional, nor would they want to be. In November of 2001, the engaged couple made a planned yet a little risky move to Costa Rica, knowing they wanted to both own a business and start a family here. They took a leap of faith and landed with both sets of feet at Poseidon Hotel in Playa Jacó. The couple was married at the hotel only months after starting their new life here. This month marks their 15th anniversary as owners of the hotel, which now includes a restaurant and bar. The couple will celebrate their own 15th wedding anniversary next May.

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Over the years, the Odoms have developed the restaurant, which hadn’t been in operation for some years, and have upgraded the hotel from cabina style rooms to boutique style, with the conveniences of air conditioning, television, wifi and refrigerators. Through it all, they have kept the same loyal employees, including their native Costa Rican administrator Harold Castro, while growing their own family. They continue to stay connected to the community through their business and inadvertently, through their son Tommy’s surfing talent.

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The Odoms actually lived in the upstairs apartment of the hotel, which is now the Sky Lounge and Sports Bar, for their first two years living here. When their eldest son Tommy was six months old, they moved out, living in various spots in Jacó for ten years before finding their current home in the Las Nubes community in nearby Herradura. While both Tim and Chrissy manage the business 100% together, Tim is in charge of hotel revenue, bookings and managing “the front of the house” by interacting with customers and employees. Chrissy is the bookkeeper and handles most marketing and operations in “the back of the house.”


The Poseidon Restaurant and Bar is open seven days a week all year long for breakfast, lunch and dinner, serving both Jacó locals and tourists. “We started with a dinner-only for the first year and began to draw a large crowd from Los Sueños and the Marriot Hotel, which were new at the time. After the first year, we opened for breakfast and lunch,” explains Chrissy. While the large pieces of fresh Ahi Tuna is the most popuplar menu item, the multi-cuisine offered includes various cuts of steaks, fresh seafood, lamb chops and smoked pork ribs.

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“We love the small town atmosphere here and feel fortunate to have a very large local following and also see tourists who return to Poseidon every time they come back and vacation in Jaco,” Chrissy says. Their children, Tommy who is now 13 and Lukas, 9, can surf right down the street with their friends and then hang out at the restaurant, swim in the pool and eat lunch. Tim and Chrissy are grateful to have a business where this is possible. “They can do all of this safely while we are working and also they are having a blast!”

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Through connecting with the surf industry here, the Odoms have met and become involved with many people and organizations in Costa Rica. “We have been able to donate hotel rooms to various groups when they are bringing the press or judges into Jacó for events, so that is a great way to connect to these surf groups,” says Tim. Tommy has been competing in the local and national surf competitions for about 5 years. He was actually taught by locally known surfer and instructor, Mauricio Umaña, who has been his surf coach ever since. The family enjoys travelling to other Costa Rican beaches for surf contests and have developed relationships with other hotel owners all over the country. This is enriched by the friendships developed over time with the parents of other children who surf and compete.


The location is great for people who want to stay in a moderately priced hotel near the beach and close to all the action. Last August the Odoms were thrilled to host the members of Team USA for ten days while they were in town for the International Surfing Association (ISA) World Surfing Games. Tim arranged a surf trip for the team on the first day to Playa Hermosa, known for its powerful, strong beach breaks. Tommy was invited to go along and had an incredible experience of surfing which he will never forget. The team members also embraced the local culture while in town, getting to know many of the shop owners and local neighbors on Calle Bohio. This past October several of the USA surfers returned who were competing in the WSL (World Surf League) QS event in Esterillos Este. “When they arrived they said they felt like they had “just gotten home,” Tim says, beaming.

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The Costa Rica Team is proud to be connected to people in the community like Tim and Chrissy Odom who work hard, enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Costa Rica, respect the culture, and provide quality service in our bustling beach town.

Posted December 15, 2016 Article Source: http://costaricacharlie.com/the-odums-celebrate-fifteen-years-on-poseidon-adventure/

jaco beach view

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Many people come to Costa Rica to turn everything off and relax. Others seek to do many activities, city, and of course taken in the country’s famous beaches and lush jungle. If it sounds like you, then Jaco could be the ideal solution. In this post we will cover a few things you need to know about this popular destination in the Pacific, including seom picks for the best activities in Beach.

About Jaco
Located just about an hour from the Juan Santamaria International Airport in Costa Rica (SJO) Jaco is the closest near the main beach in the capital city of San José destination. With green hills of the forest and farm pastures in the distance, Jaco is located in a wide bay with rocky headlands at either end. The beach is a long, gray bow that has a backdrop of palm trees, Surfside hotels, souvenir shops and boutiques, a variety of restaurants and bars, and the condo-medium-high occasional complex.

Why Chosen Jaco Beach
Jaco is considered one of the most developed cities in the beach of Costa Rica and the main street along the sand, it is very busy day and night. The city has developed a reputation in recent years for its party atmosphere (especially in the bar) and night activities for adults only, but in recent years has put much effort into making it a place nice to visit for everyone, including families.

There are some parks, gyms, and many restaurants with nice menus for children around the city. Many families visiting Jaco are actually people who live near San Jose and go to the beach on weekends, vacations and holidays, injecting a nice mix of local culture in the city of another tourist path.

Jaco activities and things to do
One of the main attractions of Jaco is the long list of activities available. Everything from mountain biking and zip line tours for catamaran cruises, diving expeditions and fishing can be booked from one of the tour operators in the city. Among the many things to do, here are some of our choices.

The King of Surf Destination
Costa Rica is known for its great surfing, and Jaco Beach is definitely one of the hot spots of the country. surf shops are scattered throughout the city so it is easy and affordable to rent a table or take a lesson. In Playa Jaco, small waves are perfect for learning or rust is removed if it has not been for some time. For more advanced, it is just south of Playa Hermosa. This surf beach class, the world is known to have the most consistent waves in the country. It is not uncommon for professionals practicing surfing and competition in one of the many tournaments in Hermosa.

Carara National Park
You could not wait so near a village very developed as Jacó, just to the north and extends in the mountains is a vast expanse of virgin forest. Carara National Park has a small network of trails that lead through primary and secondary forest. They even have a newly renovated hotel is handicap accessible loop. During one of the tracks, you can see wild animals like monkeys, leaf-cutter ants, and many birds. In fact, Carara is considered one of the best bird watching spots in Costa Rica with more than 400 different species identified.

Tarcoles Crocodile River Tour Boat
On his way to Jaco, you will pass a bridge with crowds of people bowing and looking down. The sun along the banks of the River Tárcoles Here enormous crocodiles. While the bridge is decent place to see crocodiles, better yet make a boat trip on the river. Really enjoyed this tour because not only do you get close to crocodiles, but there are stunning views and you get to see lots of birds and other animals. Learn more about our trip to Crocodile River Tour José here.

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Jacó’s Poseidon Restaurant: Food of the Gods

Strange though it may seem, the Greek ocean god Poseidon’s gift to man was a horse!

In the Central Pacific beach resort of Jacó, the Poseidon Restaurant’s gift to vacationers is truly inspired, delicious cuisine. Just off the town’s main street, the newly opened restaurant at the Poseidon Hotel is decorated with a wooden fascade. It is small, unpretentious and seats 25 people in the dining area, including three tables on the front porch.

Don’t be misled by the limited selection of menu offerings posted outside. Having so often been deceived and disappointed in restaurants with long showy lists of dishes, I was impressed. Any doubts my companions had vanished when two happy diners declared in unison: “The food is fabulous! We come here every night.”

What better recommendation could a restaurant have?

All main courses, including vegetables, are cooked on the grill on the small front porch. We sat at a table with a front row view of the chef. Watching them execute culinary delights is an entertaining show in itself.

The menu changes every third night, but the house specialty – fresh yellow-fin tuna is a regular item.

Sorry, no tuna tonight,” the chef announced the night we were there. “They didn’t catch any today and I only use it when it’s ocean fresh.”

We passed on the salad and corn shrimp soup we spied at the next table. Brimming over with fresh kernels and shrimp, it looked a meal in itself for just over $4.

We watched our orders being cooked. The foil-baked mahi-mahi with prawns, spinach and lemon was “superlative,” my friend commented. The filet mignon with chipolte, a hot spicy Hollandaise sauce, was succulent and cooked to perfection, as was the chicken breast with black bean Chinese sauce.

The huge serving of Thai-style jumbo prawns was a delectable treat. For smaller appetites, a half-portion is available.

All entrees are served with homemade mashed potatoes or rice, plus crisp, freshly sauted mixed vegetables. Main courses run $7-$10 and jumbo prawns $20 for a full portion, ample for two persons, unless you are a total glutton.

The dessert, an Ice Cream Pie is an Oreo-based crust filled with ice cream and studded with huge chunks of Snickers or Reese’s chocolate bars. The restaurant is in the process of obtaining a hard liquor license.

That evening owner Chrissy Cousins had to turn away disappointed customers. “I hate doing that,” she said.

Her charming smile and youthful exuberance is captivating.

“My partner Tim Odom and I had a rocky start to our Poseidon adventure,” she recalled.

After visiting Odom’s father, a 10-year resident of Costa Rica, the tow (in their mid-30′s), quit secure jobs in Colorado to start a new life here.

With negotiations to take over the Hotel Poseidon nearly complete, they almost backed-out after the September 11th terrorist attacks.

“It was really scary with all the predictions of tough economic times, but we decided to continue regardless,” Cousins continued.

The couple plans to be married by Odom’s 96-year-old grandfather at their hotel this month. No doubt, the wedding feast will be sumptuous.

Open nightly 6-10pm

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Casual elegance in a bistro style atmosphere coupled with the unique blend of Asian Infusion style cuisine has made Hotel Poseidon’s restaurant and bar the single most popular fine dining choice in Jaco.Hotel Poseidon is located in the center of town, on Calle Bohio just half a block from the beach.The new owners Chrissy and Tim have created a real hit with locals as well as visitors. The menu, which changes every few days, includes a variety of entrees and a choice of appetizers. Favorites include the filet mignon and fresh tuna creations. The sauces are legendary for combining textures and flavors which makes for a memorable and delectable dining experience.
I’ve visited Poseidon several times and always opt of a front table and the fresh tuna in wasabi sauce. If you love fresh seafood, this dish is heavenly and cooked to taste. The patio tables are a perfect vantage point to take in the lively night time street scene in this active seaside vacation spot. It’s also a fun front row seat to the Chefs preparation station where they can be seen putting on quite a show.There is limited seating in the intimate dining room which is almost always filled to capacity. Service is fast and friendly and reservations are absolutely recommended. Restaurant Poseidon has a full Liquor License for great bar service.

For more information or reservations, call Hotel & Restaurant Poseidon at 643-1642.

Posted: April, 2002

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Local couple banking on a happy ending to their Poseidon Adventure

By Scott Condon, Aspen Times Staff Writer

After the tragedies of Sept. 11, most people wanted to burrow in at home, play it safe and prepare for tough economic times.

Not Tim Odom and Chrissy Cousins.

The couple proceeded with their plan to quit their comfortable white-collar jobs in the Roaring Fork Valley, rent out their house in Blue Lake and start a new life in Costa Rica.

Odom and Cousins, who are engaged to be married in May, found the nerve to carry through with a plan to buy the 15-room Hotel Poseidon in the Pacific Coast town of Playa Jaco, Costa Rica.

“It put chills down my back with the timing of this,” admitted Odom. “We almost backed out.”

Odom and Cousins had given notice at their places of employment one week before the terrorist attacks. The day the hijacked jets hit the World Trade Center and Pentagon, they huddled in their home and watched in terror — mostly for the victims but also because they feared their dream was shattered.

They begged their bosses to give them their jobs back if the deal fell through. Odom handled sales and marketing for Colorado Activity Centers, which promotes ski-related guide services and programs. Cousins was vice president of operations for Schwener Design Group of Basalt.

Despite the shock of Sept. 11, their lender agreed to stick with the deal, and the French owner of Hotel Poseidon reduced the price. Odom and Cousins are flying to Costa Rica today to work out details of the closing. They take over the property Dec. 1.

“It’s a chance to be our own bosses, to own our own business, to try to get ahead,” said Cousins.>

The hotel relies heavily on business from Costa Rican locals. It’s located about 90 minutes from the capital, San Jose.

Odom said locals from the metro area consider towns like Playa Jaco their beach playground much like Colorado’s Front Range residents treat Summit County as their mountain playground.

They intend to embrace the local business as well as the language and culture.

“We didn’t want to go down there and be snotty Americans,” said Odom.

Their experience as operators of their own hotel will be baptism by fire. December is the start of the dry, busy time at Playa Jaco, a town of about 3,000. “Their high season coincides with our ski season,” noted Odom.

Odom and Cousins will immerse themselves in all aspects of the operation, with assistance from a Spanish-speaking friend, three maids and another friend who will operate the hotel’s small restaurant. They will live in a manager’s apartment connected to the hotel.

Odom, a Colorado native, fell in love with Costa Rica after visiting the country when his dad retired there a decade ago. Cousins shared his love of the place, and they decided earlier this year to shop for a property to buy and operate.

They toured the Playa Jaco area with a local real estate agent last summer but were demoralized after visiting six or seven places. All of them were dumps. That changed when they visited a property owned by a Frenchman and leased by a Dutch couple.

“When we saw the Poseidon, we both knew,” said Cousins. “The minute we walked in, it was ‘Wow.’”

They used their Blue Lake home as equity to get a loan for the down payment. The owner is financing the remainder of the purchase.

They immediately plan to make the rooms more attractive to Americans by adding refrigerators, hair dryers and coffee makers. They will heavily promote the on-site restaurant and pool with bar.

Their hotel is one-half block from volcanic sand beaches, and the growing tourist area surrounding Playa Jaco features adventure sports based in the water and adjacent rain forests. Surfing, sport fishing and white-water rafting are all big in the area. In the rain forest, there are mountain biking and swinging through trees on a canopy tour.

“The adventure sports — that’s what it’s all about right now,” said Odom.

With an extensive background in sales, marketing and hotel management, Odom plans to target American tourists, particularly from Colorado. They already have some business from Americans and Europeans.

They believe the adventure sports will appeal to Colorado’s active residents, and vacations on the beach are always popular, especially when ski season ends. Air fare and other prices typically drop for trips to Costa Rica right about the time Colorado’s mud season begins.

They are also touting affordable vacations. Hotel Poseidon’s rooms currently go for $99 per night, and they are offering a 20 percent discount for advance reservations.

Within two years, Odom hopes that 80 percent of their business comes from advance reservations.

A boost is expected from development of two large resorts nearby. Four miles away, Marriott Hotel operates Los Suenos Resort. Just a few blocks from the Poseidon, Basalt-based developer Ed Podolak is renovating a property now called Club Del Mar.

Odom, 35, and Cousins, 34, are banking on success. They will be married at their hotel next May by Odom’s 96-year-old grandfather, a preacher from Tennessee. They also plan to start a family down there.

“I don’t believe this is happening,” said an ecstatic Cousins the day before leaving the Roaring Fork Valley. “For a long time I didn’t think Tim was really serious.”