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Local Fishing Charters in Jaco Beach

Los Suenos Marina near Jaco Beach and Quepos – Manuel Antonio area are hot for sport fishing in Central Pacific Coast points. Sailfish are the main targets for most fishermen and are rarely disappointed. fishing is usually 12-20 miles in the blue water. Once in the blue water fishermen catch sailfish, marlin, tuna, Wahoo and Dorado. Coastal fishing is around the rocks, reefs, river mouths and estuaries. The fishermen catch rooster fish, snapper, jacks, mackerel, snook and more.

Hotel Posiedon is located in Jaco Beach, on the Central Pacific coast. Most of our boats and vacation rentals are located in Los Suenos Resort, Jaco Beach, Hermosa Beach, areas of Quepos and Manuel Antonio.

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Los Suenos, Jaco Beach Central Pacific target Species


Seasons: The sailfish bite was above average year round and almost all fish are over 100 pounds. When the fishing is good, the boats can lift 10-40 daily sailfish. When fishing is slow, boats can lift 3-10 fish per day. The best months are usually December to April, but sailfish are caught in large quantities throughout the year.

Season: September, October and November are usually
the best months for Marlin. More … and great blue marlin, striped black are still around and the boats that usually address some success. You may have to go a little further and fish a little more difficult, but the fishermen are aware Marlin.

Seasons: The species is captured throughout the year in the Central Pacific coast. It is not uncommon to pick up a yellowfin and 100 pound sailfish fishing. The large tuna come and go throughout the year, but from June to September are usually the best month for 200 firearms.

Stations: Dorado fishing is the average return in the year. The rainy season from June to October is the best time to catch drumsticks 5-15 who meet in the lines of weeds and trash near the coast and in the Gulf. The rest of the year, more Dorado are usually out in the “blue water” with the bait and sailfish, dorado 20-50 pounds are common in fishing for sailfish and dorado 60 and 70 pounds are caught each months. We all believe that there is a world record no … Dorado 70 pounds is only a month or two away from being a pestle 90.

Stations: Wahoo can be a pleasant surprise at all times of the year. Not many target Wahoo fishing are generally caught while fishing for something else. There are some rocks on the south coast of Jaco that still maintain Wahoo (20-60 pounds) for the whole year.

Stations: These fish are hitting one of my favorites. Rooster fish bite and Jack is good all year. June to October is considered the best time, but Gallo 20-80 pounds each month are taken. Jaco area has some excellent places for the big rooster fish and keep because it hit like a freight train.

Snaper Pargo
Stations: There are several different species of snapper on the Pacific coast. Snapper bite is good all year. Snapper Cubera in the range of 50 to 80 pounds are not uncommon. Jaco area has some excellent places for great snapper.

Stations: Snook are taken all year in rivers and river mouths in the Pacific and the Caribbean coast. Snook also have in some of the rivers, lakes and lagoons along the border with Costa Rica / Nicaragua. The current World Record Snook was captured on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and former record was taken just south of Quepos. There are many very large snook caught each year in Costa Rica. Caribbean side there is also a smaller species of snook called “Fat Snook”. They average 5 pounds and if a race, they can get into some great fishing and eat a lot, on average 20 to 30 fish per day is detected.

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